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C Channel

What is C Channel?

Similar to other hollow sections, a steel channel is rolled from a steel sheet into a ‘C’ shape, thus forming a ‘C Channel’. A C Channel consists of a wide-spanning ‘web’ and two flanges (could be parallel or tapered).

A C Channel is a structural beam that is typically used in building construction and civil engineering. C Channels have a cross section that consists of a large-spanning web that is usually but not always oriented vertically. Available in a range of heights, widths and thicknesses, you can count on us to provide you with satisfying, premium C Channels that are well suited to your requirements.

When will C Channels be used?

C Channels are very lightweight, making them easy to use, handle and install for a variety of use cases. C Channels are becoming increasingly popular in the construction and manufacturing industries. C Channels can also be used in our everyday lives as well.

C Channels are often used where the flat, back side of the web can be mounted to another flat surface to provide maximum contact. C Channels are the most cost-effective solutions for shorter spanning structures. Originally, C Channels were designed for use in bridges, but are more popular today in marine piers and other various building applications.

C Channels can be used as tracks and sliders for doorways or machines, providing added protection and consistency. C Channels can also be used as protective edges for walls. C Channels can be used as decorative elements for constructions such as a ceiling channel system. C Channels can also be sued as frames or as framing material for use in constructions or machines. C Channels can be used as supports or posts for building walls, corners and railings.

Often used as a structural building component, C Channels can be used as rafters, cross-bracing or studs. C Channels offer an attractive, versatile and affordable value proposition that represents outstanding value for money.

What are the benefits?

C Channels do not flex and have a much smoother ride. This provides greater stability, making C Channels especially useful for trailers, walkways, ramps and for structural support. The strong, galvanised steel construction is very lightweight and robust, providing a much stronger and reliable construction system.

As we can supply C Channels made from Steel, this means that the C Channels can be easily cut, drilled or machined, making them particularly useful in welding. Normally, we will galvanise or paint C Channels after fabrication to increase resistance against corrosion. This ensures that you are buying a premium product that will stand the test of time, delivering benefits for countless years after purchase. We produce all our products to meet the most widely used specifications and legislation for general construction.

With affordable prices, outstanding service and a wide choice of C Channels available, you can count on us to deliver and give you a high-quality product at a low price. For more information, please feel free to contact us today.